Friday, May 1, 2009

It's Marathon Time...

I took this shot on a recent morning run. This barn is close to Daniels Park.

Sunday is the Colorado Marathon. I'm excited and ready. I need a 3:15 to qualify for Boston, so check back Monday to see if it happened.

Last Sunday was the London Marathon. It's one of the more popular ones. Apparently, if you want to get into the Guinness Book of World Records, this is the marathon to run. They have officials on the scene to verify any "record breaking" accomplishments. Here are a few recent ones. Enjoy!

* Fastest marathon in superhero costume (2 hr 49 min 50 sec)
* Fastest marathon on stilts (8hr 25 min).
* Most money raised for charity by a marathon runner ($2.7 million)
* Tallest costume worn while running a marathon (14 ft)
* Most linked runners to complete a marathon (24)
* Fastest marathon in a military uniform (5 hr 11 min 42 sec)
* Fastest marathon in a fireman's uniform (5 hr 36 min 12 sec)

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