Friday, May 7, 2010

Trail Running is Back!

First off...a big shout out to Tanya, Kacey, Meghan, Julie, and Karen as they're all running in the Wine Country Half Marathon tomorrow in Santa Ynez, CA. Good luck ladies!

On my running front, these past two weeks have been a big breath of fresh air. Quite literally. I've been hitting the HR trails in the early mornings and absolutely loving it. I feel I put way too much pressure on myself when I run roads. For some reason, hitting the trails frees me of that and I just have fun.

This year the transition from road to trails has not been as hard on my body as it was last year. Which is good since I have a lot of miles to run and work to do in preparation for the Silver Rush 50 in July. In the meantime, I'm preparing my body for being on my feet for a long time (probably 8.5-9 hours). I'm also learning how to fuel appropriately during a run with food/gels and electrolyte capsules. This is all foreign to me since I always just drank sports drink during marathons. Unfortunately, that ain't gonna cut it when trying to go 50 miles! I can't wait!

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