Thursday, August 19, 2010

PPM Thoughts

My wife took this picture one night in May. We brought the kids up to Daniels Park to climb around on the rocks and I got lost in a gaze at a snow-covered Pikes off in the distance.

Fast forward to the PPM in just 3 days. I'm ready to go and hope my improved training this year will produce a solid race. I ran a 5:47 last year and think a time closer to five hours is realistic. Breaking five hours would require a perfect race and I'm not focused on that since I'd rather go hard, but enjoy whatever the outcome is. The PPM is too special to get wrapped up in whether or not I meet a specific goal. I know I will run well and smart. I've learned a lot in one short year. Time to go have fun in one of the most amazing races in the country.

On the PPM website message board, several people have been posting about their building excitement. One guy wrote, "It's like being a kid the night before Christmas all over again!" Well, in three short days, we get to open the BIG present!


  1.'re wearing the right jacket in that pic. Have a great race on Sunday. Leave nothing on the trail. It only hurts until it stops hurting.

  2. It's funny because I never wear that jacket out. Do you wear yours? What are you going to do with TWO shirts from your Double?? Not a bad problem to have! Looking forward to chasing you up the peak on Sunday!

  3. I sometimes wear the jacket from 2007. It's light, zipper all the way down. Not too bright (but still red). I've never worn 2008 or 2009. Very happy that they switched to shirts this year. Fortunately, the shirts are different. Today's says "Ascent."

    Was that you that yelled to me in downtown Manitou this a.m.?