Wednesday, November 10, 2010


On Sunday evening, the family gathered around the computer to sign me up for the Leadville 100. Why the whole family? Well, this is a big deal...and a decision that was not made casually. I need their help, support, and encouragement on race day AND every day between now and then.

So there we are, filling out the online form. Here's the extremely cheesy part....when it came time to click the "Submit" button, we all placed a hand on the mouse and pushed down. Well, that caused the mouse to move and click on some white space next to the button. Two more attempts produced a bunch of laughs, but still no submission. Finally I clicked while their hands just sat on top of mine. The next screen?

Payment Declined.

What?? Is this a sign that I shouldn't be doing this? Geez, talk about anti-climatic. I tried again and got the same result. The rest of the family walked away.

About a minute later, I got an email from my credit card company claiming "suspicious" activity on my account and asked if I authorize that activity. Heck ya! I clicked the "I authorize" link, went back to the LT100 site, submitted the form, and....

Payment Confirmed!!

So I'm registered. Why register 10 months before the race? There is something powerful and motivating about putting up the money and clicking the button. My life changes and I quickly develop a focus that just isn't there when I'm "thinking about it". I love knowing right now that I'll be running 100 miles in 2011.

August 20th and into the 21st will no doubt be the longest day(s) of my life. I'm looking forward to the adventure in store between now and then. There are many great 100 milers out there, but I consider Leadville as the "home" race. I've spent a lot of time up there and can't wait to compete in "The Race Across the Sky".


  1. Nice! That is great you have such a supportive family. It definitely is a big motivation to sign up early. Good luck and see you on the trails!

  2. That is just too freaking cool. Love the fact that everyone was involved. Really, really cool... Made my night.

  3. Woody, great chatting and running with you the other night at Mt Falcon.

    Very exciting with the manner you signed up for Leadville. Your family and passion for the sport alone will do wonders that weekend.

  4. Thanks guys. I have some work to do convincing my 8 year old, Megan, that running this is a good idea. When asked if she thinks I will finish it, she said "No". Gotta love the honesty you get from your kids!

  5. Congrats on making the commitment, that's cool, and I like how the whole family was involved.