Monday, December 20, 2010

3 weeks

Bandera is less than three weeks away.  I'm entertaining thoughts about my taper, but feel I need one last week of higher volume before I kick that into gear.  Last week was all about getting in long runs.  I don't have any scientific reason for what I did, but just felt like I wanted to get in a series of 10+ mile runs with a 30 mile run in the mix.

On Saturday, I went out  for the 30 miler on the local trails.  James joined me for the miles 4-10.  You know someone is an incredible friend when they go for a flashlight run with you at 5:30 in the morning with the temperature no higher than 14 degrees.  Around mile 10, we parted ways and I kept cruising while wishing the sun would rise and start to warm me up.  When it did, the sun lit up every branch and blade of grass that was covered in ice crystals.  Sure wish I brought my camera.

On Sunday, Tanya & I took advantage of the almost 60 degree day and went for a 5.75 mile trail run together.  I was moving slow from the previous day's run, but she was cookin'.  I was working hard just to keep up with her.  Fortunately, by mile 4 she started to get tired and slowed down to a more comfortable pace!  I continued on for another few miles after she made her way home.

On a different note, the Tejas Trails folks recently announced that the Bandera 100K has been named the USATF 100K Trail National Championship.  The race was already part of the Montrail Ultracup Series that awards four spots to Western States.  I think when you combine the two, I'm going to see a bunch of really fast people there.

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