Sunday, April 3, 2011

Latest Adventures

I haven't posted much lately, but that's okay.  Sometimes I feel I need to just get out and run without thinking about what I'm going to write afterwards.  Here are a few fun ones from the last few weeks:

3/19:  Deer Creek (15 mi) - Got out with Scott, Patrick, Joe, and Ryan.  Started just before sunrise and had some perfect running weather.

3/26:  Pine Valley Ranch (32 mi) - Patrick led a group of us (Ryan, Leila, Brendan, and I) around the trails that make up the North Fork 50 course.  I thoroughly enjoyed this run on some "new to me" trails.  I was curious what it would be like running through a burn area, but everything about it was beautiful.  I will be back.

The sun couldn't rise fast enough.  There was a COLD wind for the first hour.  (Photo courtesy of Brendan Trimboli)

3/29:  Shingle Creek Management Area, Orlando, FL (12 mi) - I was at a conference for the first part of last week.  I was fighting a nasty head cold, but got in one outdoor run and found my way to Shingle Creek.  It is a small oasis in the SW part of Orlando.  Once you enter the park, you forget about the cars, neighborhoods and other signs of the city.  It is almost all wetlands, so there are plenty of birds and other creepy crawlies to be on the lookout for.

 The Shingle Creek.

I thought for sure that EVERY root from these trees was a snake.

 There was about three miles of a powerlines trail.  Not boring at all because of the water on either side...and noises.

This is what it looked like everywhere.

4/2:  Mt. Falcon (17.5 mi) - I met up with Joe and Jim for a v1 tour of the hill.  We started in the dark, but were treated to an amazing sunrise about 40 minutes in.  When we finished, I went out for a quick Turkey Trot-Castle trail loop before heading home...not sure why I did since one lap around Falcon leaves me plenty beat up.

As Collegiate Peaks gets closer, I'm feeling good about the base I've slowly been building.  I think the training and races I've completed over the last 5 months have been digested and the effects are working in my favor.  I've heard that transitioning to ultras can take time for your body to adjust to longer distances.  I'm not sure if that is true, but something is starting to click better for me.  Getting my weekly mileage into the 70's feels really good right now.  I remember feeling like that was a struggle last year.  I'm looking forward to a solid effort at CP, but have no plans to go all out.  I want to continue to build slowly and peak for San Juan Solstice in June.  I'm not sure I know how to time my training in order to peak, but it sounds good to talk like I do.


  1. Laughed out loud at that last sentence. I've had the same thought many times when I say just about anything about running. I'm still working up the courage to throw in a reference to fartleks. I wonder if fartleks would help me peak around mid-June...?

    Great to see you Saturday morning. Clearly I need practice running in the dark.

  2. Well, I had a good laugh too as I typed it. Really now...even though I've run a few ultras, I don't feel any wiser in my understanding of what I should or shouldn't be doing in training. I probably have about ten pieces of the 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle put together. I think that is part of why I like it so much....not following a strict blueprint of where all the pieces are supposed to go. Obviously you need to put the work in, but a big part of the unknown fuels the adventure of trial and error for me.

    Thanks for gutting out a great run on Saturday. I hope the fall didn't set you back too much. You sure ran great considering the junk you've been dealing with.

  3. Woody - Sorry I missed you when we passed each other on-trail Saturday (heading uphill with Tim). My recognition skills are weak and/or on about 5-second delay.

    Re: Florida - Any terrain in the Midwest or South seems like the Amazon to me now. I've gone home to southern Indiana in the summer and it seems overgrown and green like rain forest, and is incredibly loud at night. And humid. If you leave the back porch light on, your windows look like an insect display at a science museum.

  4. Strong last line there! Good to see the consistent miles in your training. You're going to do great at CP. Only 4+ weeks. Time to get excited.

  5. Hey Jeff - I was bummed to miss the chance to meet you and Tim. When Jim caught up to us and said who you were, it all clicked...but not when we passed! Funny stuff about Indiana!

    Jaime - 1 month from today! Yeah! I am getting really excited.