Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fixing Your Feet = Date Night!

Over the last few weeks, I have been reading Fixing Your Feet by John Vonhof.  After my Bandera experience, it became required reading for me.  I learned in the Texas hill country that feet issues can derail an otherwise decent race.

The big take-aways that I've received (and needed) from the book so far are quite simple:
  • Keep toenails trimmed and filed.  File the ends so the transition from the skin on the end of your toe to your toenail is smooth.
  • Work at reducing any and all callouses on your toes and feet.  Callouses are never helpful in avoiding blisters.
  • The smoother the skin, the better your chances for avoiding issues.
  • Get shoes that fit correctly and provide enough room in the toe box.

On Saturday, Tanya & I had a date night.  Our first activity was to get a pedicure!  Yes, I felt self conscious walking into the "Nail Boutique", but I can tell you my feet felt great walking out.  The book highly recommends getting pedicures, and now I do too!  No, I didn't get any nail polish...and I distanced myself from the other "manicure" side of the room.

I pretty much ruined the day of the poor lady below once she saw the work needed on my feet.  Let's just say I haven't done much to them, but running sure has.  Black & blue toenails, residual blistered skin from CP, dry, cracked, and calloused skin, and the list goes on.

She went to town and really helped get me squared away.  For those guys out there that don't know what happens during a pedicure, let me give you the short run down.  First you soak your feet in a mini tub.  Then she works all the toenails by cutting them, shooting some liquid on top, cleaning out the junk, picking away dead skin, and filing them down.  Next comes the lotion stuff on the bottom of your feet followed by a metal cheese grater-like device that scrapes away all the dead skin and reduces your callouses (note - the book does not recommend having callouses shaved off).  Lastly....the massage!  Definitely the best part as she massages your feet & ankles/calves.

I probably won't do this much, but I also won't shy away from the opportunity.  I definitely noticed a difference in the look and feel of my feet later that night.

Why not surprise your wife or a significant other (if you're a guy) by tossing out the idea of getting pedicures together?  I can tell you Tanya was giddy for days after I mentioned the idea.


  1. That post was a feet of brilliance.

  2. Dude, I can't do it. Woody, I just can't do a pedicure.

  3. Justin - Maybe, just maybe you will after your first ultra. Hey, which one is it you are running?

    Jim - Haha. Yes, Tanya doesn't think I'm so callous towards things she enjoys now.