Saturday, September 24, 2011

Post Leadville Picnic & Video

This afternoon we had a reunion of my crew and pacer from Leadville.  It was great to get together and laugh about all the funny moments during the race.  They were an amazing support for me and I thoroughly enjoyed sharing the experience with them.

My brother-in-law Steve took several hundred pictures that captured what they did to help make my race successful.  At the picnic, I shared a video I put together that portrays how the day & night unfolded for all of us.  Click on the full screen button to actually see it.


  1. Wow bro. Great stuff!

    - 'Oh what a night'
    - The picture of you crossing the finish is SO SWEET. Thats gotta be on a wall soon!
    - Amazing peeps supporting you

    Unreal accomplishment. Awesome.

  2. Thanks James. Watching the video makes it seem like a distant memory now!