Monday, January 9, 2012

Bandera Update

Once again, this race didn't go as planned.  I ran a great first lap in 4:40 and then encountered knee soreness around mile 36 that slowed me way down.  Walking felt better, but running produced a radiating pain all around the knee I whacked a month ago.  I tried to work through it over the next 11 miles, but it became apparent my only option was to walk the rest or drop.  So I dropped at the next aid station (mile 47).

I'm definitely disappointed, especially with my knee feeling fine now.  I can only guess it wasn't 100% healed up and became inflamed after several hours of hopping rocks.  Without a doubt, I'll be back (hopefully next year).  I had an awesome time this weekend and the race result is the only sour spot.

I'll put out a race report with pics in the coming days.


  1. Just sucks to think that one slip on one run (on one damn cold, snowy day) could mess up your race. Still, live to run/race another day. Glad you're feeling better. See you soon.

  2. Sorry to hear about the DNF, but more so about the lingering knee issue. Sounds like that first lap was perfecto.

  3. You call it a DNF. But the official results call it a 50k finish. I'd go with the official results.

  4. JP - I can never complain about that misstep after seeing what you and others have had to deal with all last season. This knee thing is really minor.

    CB - It was probably a little too perfecto. Still 2nd guessing if I should have slowed things down a bit. I did the same thing last year during the first loop, and I'm now thinking this course demands some restraint when everything is feeling great.

    Anon - You're kind for pointing that out. I'll get that 100k finish next year!