Sunday, June 24, 2012

San Juan Solstice Update

Running along the Continental Divide!
Well, I didn't quite meet my goal of sub-10:45.  I struggled in several areas and just didn't put things together to run well all day.  I finished in 11:06.

With that said, I absolutely love this race, the town of Lake City, and the entire experience!


  1. GREAT pics, Woody. I always love the crossing-the-finish-line-with-the-kids pics. Classic.

    And, it looks like a beautiful day. Quite a state we have out here in Colorado, eh?

  2. JP - I had to offer a bribe to make that happen since Megan thought it would be "too embarassing." I'm really glad she came around. Looks like I picked up an add'l kid as Zoe's new friend decided to join us on the run! All my pics were taken before noon, so the clear blue sky was ever present. Check out the pic Tanya took of Leila finishing and you can see the thick smoke that descended on the region.

    BT - You were the man out there! Congrats on the podium finish and scoring the most impressive award I've ever seen at a race. That painting is incredible - and well deserved! I'm guessing that next year you'll be taking one home that will have a number on it that's smaller than 3.