Wednesday, August 15, 2012

LT100 Tracking

I'm a couple days away from another Leadville 100.  I'm ready for the Big Dance that kicks off at 4:00am on Saturday.  I've chewed on many ideas for splits and have decided to shoot for a sub-22 hour finish.  I have no clue if I can shave two hours off my time from last year, but I'll give it a shot and probably suffer through the fun trying.

I just found out that they've changed the course a bit, and now we'll be running about 1.8 miles more than last year.  I haven't changed any splits below to account for the added mileage.  I'll just wing it and see what happens.

me = my total running time during the race.
split mi = the distance I’ll run to get to the next aid station.
split time = the time it will take me to run the split distance.
TOD = Time of Day
X = means I don't care about a split for this station.

If you want to follow me throughout the day & night to see if I'm hitting my splits, here are your options:

1.  Live tracking on the Leadville Race Series website.  I'm not sure how it will work, but I'm guessing there will be a link right on the home page once the race begins.

2.  You can get updates on my Twitter Page.  My crew will tweet an update at each of the aid stations (highlighted in pink).  Those tweets will also post to my Facebook page.

3.  Facebook.  As mentioned above, the crew updates should show up there.

See ya on the other side of this animal!


  1. Replies
    1. Yup, see you on Friday for a little Ken C to get our blood pumping.

  2. Good luck, Woody! You're going to do awesome! One question, though: are you sure you'll get your money's worth with these fast splits? My entry fee paid for two sunrises!

    1. You make a great point Andy. Although, I don't think my pacer would be too happy seeing the sunrise on Sunday. Have a safe drive up to Leadvi....oh wait, you can roll out of bed and be at the start in a minute or two! See you at the meeting!

  3. Wishing you the very best Woody, also a shout out to your race day support team!!!

    1. Thanks bro! Yes, my pacer and support crew are gonna be awesome!

  4. Good luck Woody! Have a great run!

  5. Good luck, man. Say hi to Aliza for me.