Wednesday, August 14, 2013

LT100 Time!

Leadville once - Shame on me.
Leadville twice - Failed memory.
Leadville thrice - STU-PI-DI-TY.

The lunacy begins Saturday at 4:00 a.m.

I still have a bunch of posts to toss up here from all the fun runs this summer.  But before that can happen, I've got one more big race to tackle.  All the logistics are queued up nicely for a successful run.  But we all know that doesn't matter since it will be the thing that comes outta nowhere that knocks me down.

My goal time is the same as last year.  I tweaked the splits to be a little more realistic and I hope the course change (shaving off the "new" 2.5 miles from last year) will help keep me on track.  I'll probably be a little slow coming into Winfield as 9:22 might be a tad fast.

I wonder if I'm the only one that has run Leadville three times in three consecutive years and hasn't run same course yet.

I'm once again in great hands during the second half.  Jaime is pacing from miles 50-86 and Tanya will take me to the finish from Mayqueen (mile 86).

me = my total running time during the race.
split mi = the distance I’ll run to get to the next aid station.
split time = the time it will take me to run the split distance.
TOD = Time of Day
X = means not tracking a split for this station.

If you want to follow along throughout the day & night, here are your options:

1.  Live tracking website.  Just search for my name.  I think they record outbound/inbound splits at Mayqueen, Fish Hatchery (aka Outward Bound), Half Pipe, Twin Lakes, Hopeless, and Winfield.

2.  You can get updates on my Twitter Page.  My crew will try to tweet an update at each of the aid stations (highlighted in pink).  Those tweets will also post to my Facebook page.

3.  Facebook.  As mentioned above, the crew updates should show up there.


  1. I just "friend requested" you on FB so I could follow updates through there (been a lurker of yours for awhile :)). Good luck out there! Looks like good weather - perfect day for a 100.

  2. Hey Jill! Thanks for following along this weekend. Congrats on an awesome day at Silver Rush. Hopefully you didn't get too wet!

  3. Good luck, Woody!

    When are you coming back for a Presidential Traverse?

    1. Oh man Adam...I almost gave you a shout out to run another Pemi Loop a few weeks ago, but you were off at the VT100. I ran the loop on what was forecasted to be a clear day, and only had two summits in the clear. The rest were in the clouds - including the entire Franconia Ridge. Huge bummer! But thankful it wasn't so crazy windy like last year. I'd love to coordinate the Presi Traverse (or a double?) next year.

    2. I'm not sure what next year will bring, but keep me in the loop.

      Congrats on Leadville. Sounds like there will be a story to tell.

    3. We usually head out your way either mid-July or early August. I'll hit you up once I know the timing of our visit.

      Unfortunately, I'm developing a poor track record of posting race reports. Hopefully I can turn things around with a Leadville report appearing soon. It was a fun day for sure.

      Congrats on another Mahoosuc run!

  4. Sounds like you'll have the A-Team out there this weekend. Go get 'em!

    1. Thanks Jim. I'm gonna miss you not being up here!

  5. Awesome, Woody! Best of luck! If my knees hold up I hope to be 3 hours behind you! :)

    If you can do 2:36 to MQ surely you can do ~3:00 to the finish! ;)

    1. I'm betting we'll be much closer than that!

      Yeah, these times most likely involve a "perfect" day. I'm yet to experience one of those during an LT100!

      See you tomorrow!

  6. Can't wait to see a Race Report! ;)

    1. Stop it Gaby! Don't you know I've become a chronic procrastinator when it comes to race reports! Okay....give me one more week - I hope!

  7. Haha... In exchange I'll write about my Labor Day weekend trail-running adventures in the San Juan Mtns. :)