Monday, October 16, 2006

Denver 1/2 Marathon Recap

Despite my painful facial expression in the picture, the day was a success. Tanya happened to position herself with the camera at the top of the longest hill I faced all race. I doubt there were many smiles from any of the runners at that spot, which was around the 9 mile mark.

The weather was perfect for knee was pain-free...and the course was really cool as we wound through downtown Denver and several of the city parks. If that wasn't enough, I enjoyed a fast pace that somehow I sustained for the entire run. I came across the finish line at 01:43:38.

My favorite moment? Standing in line about 5 minutes before the start, listening to an awesome rendition of the national anthem followed by a flyover from two jet fighters. It sent chills throughout my body...although maybe the 42 degree temp at the start played a role in those chills too.

My least favorite moment? About an hour after the race, I carried Megan on my shoulders as we walked several blocks to my car. Normally, carrying her 30+ lb. frame isn't a big deal, but after a 13 mile felt like I had 100 lbs on my shoulders.

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