Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I have to give props to all the people that come out to the races and stand tirelessly on the sidelines cheering runners along. When things start to hurt throughout your body, it's easy to focus on that. When all of a sudden, some random person shouts your name with some encouraging word. It's amazing how you immediately forget the pain and get a boost of energy. When this happens throughout the race, it makes a huge difference.

I would be remiss not to mention how fun it was to see Tanya & the girls on the course. When I arrived at the top of the hill, I was treated to big smiles, shouts, waves, and a special "Go Daddy Go" sign in the arms of Megan. I had to resist the urge to run over and pick them up for hugs.

After the race, Megan told me that when she gets bigger, she wants to run in a race with me while holding my hand. How fun!

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