Wednesday, June 11, 2008

15 miles up...

I'm two weeks away from the Mt. Evans Ascent (14 miles to 14K feet). I had planned on just winging it come race day since it's a little difficult to train for fourteen miles of uphill running at altitude.

A couple days before our camping trip, I had a brilliant idea. Why not try a high altitude jog? Why not find one that is all uphill? The campground was at 8900' and Vail Pass (10600') was about 15 miles away. Both were connected by the bike path that ran right through our campground.

Let's just say my brilliant idea was more like a brutal idea. I ventured out on my run while Tanya took the girls to the outlets in Silverthorne (wait...weren't we supposed to be camping??). A few hours later she did find me totally spent at the top of Vail Pass.

This bike path is amazing. It was probably the most beautiful run I've been on to date and I'm happy to say that I'll never voluntarily choose to see it this way ever again. This shot was taken with my cell phone.

Here's my GPS log:

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