Monday, June 23, 2008

Lucky #14 goes 14 miles to 14K feet!

When I pulled my bib out of the envelope and looked at the number...I knew I was in for a great race! Don't worry, I'm not at all superstitious. It was just a fun number to get in light of the event.

The race was absolutely incredible. It was incredibly beautiful and incredibly difficult. Nothing could have prepared me for the challenge of 14.5 miles of uphill running at that altitude. Fortunately, I wouldn't change anything! The scenery was amazing and a great distraction from the discomfort.

I was very leery to set any goals for this race other than to finish. But I couldn't resist. My goals were to: 1. Never stop running. 2. Finish with a time of 2:30:00. 3. Finish in the top 10% of runners.

Well, I succeeded with #1. Although by the end you could hardly tell I was running. I missed #2 by just a bit. I finished at 2:34:22. I didn't really come close with #3. There were so many great runners there. I finished in 71st place out of the 374 finishers.

A BIG thanks goes out to Kristi & Shannon for watching our girls so Tanya could come to the race. She was an excellent photographer...catching some outstanding scenic shots. She took so many that I thought it warranted a slideshow. The show will also give you a good taste for what the race was like.

2008 Mt. Evans Ascent from CO Runner on Vimeo.

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