Monday, October 25, 2010

Newfound Lake Loop

My other run during our vacation was to continue my 3 year tradition of running around Newfound Lake. It started when I was training for the NH Marathon in 2007 and running around the lake meant training on the actual course. After running in the NH Marathon again in 2008, I decided that I would continue to run that 16 mile loop each visit for as long as I can.

I started the run without any plan. It was the coldest day of the week, so I ran fast to get the body warmed up quick. The faster pace felt great, so I decided to keep pushing it. I ran about 75% of loop in the dirt on the shoulder. In some places it was smooth, while in others it felt like a semi-technical trail.

The town of Hebron. This 210 year old town features a village square that has barely changed in that amount of time.

Hebron Square from a different angle.

Big Sugarloaf Mountain. Summit #2 on my Elwell Trail adventure.

An area of the lake called the "Ledges". It is also the deepest part of the lake. 180'.

I don't know the story behind this lighthouse. Just thought it was a cool pic.

I ran the 16 miles in 1:56. That's cookin' for me on a training run. But man, did it feel good!


  1. Looks like a negative split for the 16 miles. Nice job!

  2. That is pretty fast, nicely done.

  3. My brother and I used your reconnaissance for our 1st inaugural family reunion loop around newfound, it was very helpful!

  4. Nice! I like that you're calling it an "inaugural" run. It's a really fun tradition! I'm looking forward to my 7th year in 2013.

  5. What month are you doing it Woody?

    I'm having medals made for my brother and I for last summers loop aroung the lake. We're commemerating it! It was a perfect day, for a perfect run with great company.

  6. That's an awesome idea! I'll be there the week of July 21, but I don't know which day I'll run the loop yet. I'd love to do another fall loop, but that will have to wait for another year.

  7. Doing it again 7-25-15. 3 years from when my brother and I did it! Excited to be back on Newfound!

  8. Hello! I hope the run went well! This is the first year out of the last 9 that I haven't been able to run the loop. I'm bummed to break my streak, but it just didn't work for me to get back this summer or fall. I guess I'll have to do it twice next year.