Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Roxborough...with less snow

I made a spontaneous trip over to Roxborough on Sunday afternoon.  We only have two months left on our state park pass, so I thought I should start using it.

I started in the main parking lot and attempted to hit all the trails in the park.  There are many options connecting Roxborough to the Colorado and Indian Creek trails, but that will be for another day.

When I was there a few weeks ago, it was all snow.  This day I encountered every possible trail condition.  Dry, mud, puddles, ice, and snow.  Did I miss anything?  It didn't matter.  I simply love running there.

 From the South Rim Trail Loop.

 From Carpenter Peak.

 Running the lap around Powerlines.

 That's about 12" of snow.

 Thankfully there were only a few short stretches like this.

 Coming down the Elk Valley Trail.

 Was loving the afternoon sunlight on the rocks.

 Finished with a cool down loop on the Fountain Valley Trail.


  1. Looks fun. Funny that 12" is "less" snow, but I do remember reading your post from last month.

    I went there for the first time on the parks pass last fall but didn't realize they closed so early (4 PM), and had to high-tail it back to the parking lot within the alloted time. I really liked the twisting, oak-lined trails. I would have liked to run Carpenter Pk. but it had to wait.

    Also couldn't run the north end because there was reputedly a bear browsing in the bushes. With all the blind turns, I didn't want to risk it.

  2. This might not be totally legible, but you can extend the loop a little by running north along the power lines then dropping down into the residential area (trail comes out on Raven Run). Then there is a dirt path that parallels the road back towards the park that will eventually lead to the dirt road that cuts through the park. Awesome running back there. I love the climbs, very good grades for cruising up.


  3. MtnRnr - Yes, the 12" of snow wasn't "less" from a depth perspective, but it surely was less from a "time spent running in it" perspective. I was in and out within a minute or two. I too was once warned of bear activity while on the trails over there. Never saw anything though. You should definitely go back and head up to CP. The singletrack back there is about as single as you can get. The trail from CP over to Waterton Canyon is awesome!

    Chris - Are bears something to be concerned about running in Roxborough? Thanks for the tip about trail off power lines. I need to get the scoop from you about where to park for easiest trail access if you don't have a park pass. Can you park at that fire station (2 mi from visitor ctr)?

  4. Chris - I forgot to mention that I was thinking just that about the the climbs there. Steep enough to get the heart racing and leg muscles working hard, but easy enough grades to keep running through them all.

  5. I've been within 100 yards of bears twice up there, but they both high-tailed it as soon as they noticed me. That said, 3 bears were killed this past year for breaking into houses around here. So yeah, lots of bears. Tons of snakes, too - but pretty much par for the course where ever you go around here. Plus a handful of lions. Parking is a good question. I usually run up from my house (I live in Rox Village) so haven't had to deal with that. I think the fire station would be ok, though. They use it for meetings and things besides just the fire stuff so it probably wouldn't be a big deal to park there.