Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Incline

Last Monday, I got up early and took off from the RV park for a dose of the Barr Trail.  I decided to hit up the Incline instead of making my second trip up the W's in three days.  I've never done the Incline before and while it is technically closed, you'd never know it on a weekend when there are hundreds of people hiking up.  Almost looks like a ski lift.  I'm pleased to hear they're finally getting closer to opening this up to the public.

The Incline was brutal to say the least.  1.02 miles.  2011' elevation gain.  41% average grade.  68% steepest grade.  One cruel false summit.  I warmed up with 2 miles road running on Manitou & Ruxton Aves, but then knocked a 37 minute mile out of the park before I made it to the top of the Incline!  Ha!  I didn't run a step of it, but there was no stopping to smell the roses either.  My only rule was no "hands on the knees" hiking in order to give the gluts some action.  It's a ridiculous workout.  In all seriousness, if lived down there, I'd be training on it all the time.

One of the "rougher" sections towards the top.

View from the top.

After taking a connector over to the Barr Trail, I kept heading up to Barr Camp.  The wind was particularly strong that day.  I believe they were calling for 70+ mph gusts on the summit.  When it whipped through the trees it roared like a jet engine.

Oh man, I really wanted to keep going to the summit!

Life at 10,200' is still sleepy as usual.

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