Sunday, August 21, 2011

LT100 Update

I finished in 23:48 and 49th place. I couldn't be any more satisfied with how my first 100 miler played out. It was more difficult (and painful) then I ever imagined, but my pacer and crew were the X factor in making the race the success it was. My cousin Scott paced me the entire second half. It was the first time he had ever run 50 miles! More to come as I digest the race over the coming week.


  1. VERY impressive, Woody! You did your homework on this one and it paid off in a big way. Congrats and I can't wait to read the details.

  2. awesome,Awesome, AWESOME. BIG BUCKLE!!!

  3. Damn you were looking great out there! So impressed!

  4. You need to update the sub-title of this blog now that you've done the full hundo! Excellent race. Congrats!

  5. I was smiling BIG when I saw that 23:48! 12 minutes to spare. Excellent work out there. Eager to hear the full story.

  6. Great race out there Woody! That was a textbook pacing effort and you nailed it, way to go!

  7. Very cool, congratulations! You must be really psyched for things to have come together like that.

    Handy to have other ultrarunners in the family :)

  8. So proud of you Woody, and for the friends and family that helped make this a success. Brother Wes

  9. Chris - Man, I wish I saw you more than once out there! Way to go banging out yet another 100. I thought of you many time trying to imagine how you did Big Horn solo. Amazing.

    GZ - Holy cow did your post the other day about suggesting Pikes offer a finishers buckle make me laugh. I had to read the whole thing to my wife. Brilliant humor!

    Jaime - Thanks for being there and "on call" for me. Way to go getting PG to Fish. It sounds like you drew the toughest pacing duty of the day!

    Kieran - Done! Looks a little funny, but I'll take it! Great seeing you at Twin Lakes...wait, that was Twin that we bumped into each other? I think things were a little fuzzy for me. Nice work pacing Mike up there!

    Jim - Thanks for following along. I can assure you that I owe Scott credit for the good time. On the way to May Queen, I told him I'd be fine walking it in for a sub-25. He called me on it and said I was selling myself short. Thus we ran to a much better time! The race report is coming...maybe this weekend.

    Mike - Again, great meeting you before the race. It looks like I was always just a bit behind you during the race. I wish I knew when we passed on the last stretch, but I'm sure we were both zombies at that point.

    Jeff - Yes! I couldn't be happier. If only they all would come together the way you want them to. After seeing what Scott did this weekend, he could definitely have a successful future in ultra-running. I hope to return the pacing favor some day!

    Bro - Thanks! You are always an inspiration to me.