Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pre-Leadville Thoughts

Back in November when I signed up for this race, it launched me into an exciting stretch of running and racing.  While I've enjoyed each race for what it was, in the back of my mind, it was one step closer to being prepared for what Leadville would throw at me.  I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a bit surreal sitting here three days before I have to run 100 miles.

Am I ready?  I'll know the answer to that question on Sunday morning.  I really have no idea if the mental, physical, and nutritional training I've done will get me to the finish line.  I suspect it is, but what I end up experiencing from start to finish is a big unknown.  I'm certainly pleased I can say that I'm 100% healthy and rested.

After taking an honest look at my training and racing to date, I've decided a 23:30 is going to be my goal.  I may be able to go a little faster, but that will be icing on the cake if it happens.

If you want to follow me along during the race, they are offering "real-time" racer tracking via the race website.  Most likely, they will post my times coming into the various aid stations.  My pacing chart is below.  

me = my total running time during the race.
split = the distance I’ll run to get to the next aid station.
A2A Time = the time it will take me to run the split distance.
TOD = Time of Day
X = means I don't care about a split for this station.
**Fish Hatchery aid station is also called Outward Bound.

Racer Tracking Website (search by last name or bib #118)   (on race day there will be a box to click on the home page)

Race Map

The real-time racer tracking may experience problems or be delayed.  My wife will be posting my aid station arrival times to my twitter account (beginning at Fish Hatchery).  She'll also update you on how I'm doing.  This will probably get updated every few hours cell coverage depending.!/LTRaceSeries
For the official race feed, and to follow the top runners, check here.


  1. Looks good, Woody. Relax, eat and drink right, accept the pain and know it'll pass. Get that buckle.

  2. Hey Woody. I stumbled across your blog earlier this year and I've been following it off and on ever since. We've never met, but we must have passed each other in a lot of races these past few months. I've also run the CPTR, SJS50, and the Silver Rush 50. This will be my second LT100-- I'm hoping to shave a few hours off my time from last year. You'll be way ahead of me, but we should cross paths somewhere on Hope. Best of luck! It's an awesome race. Keep on top of your nutrition and hydration and you'll get that buckle, no problem!

  3. I know what I am checking on before race start (my end) on Sunday.

  4. You are ready for're fit, you're ready and you have the mental toughness to grind through the discomfort of those last 30 miles. No doubt. Have a GREAT flippin' race!

  5. Thanks Tim. Looking forward to running with you up there. Good luck on the sub-20! You're primed and ready!

    Andy, Thanks for commenting. I bet I'd recognize you since we've run so much together. Please say hello if you see me this weekend. Good luck to you! I sure wish I was going into this one with the experience of a previous LT100. Maybe next year!

    GZ - It's a little bittersweet for me to be missing the PPM this year. I've got a good buddy hitting it up for the first time and I feel I should be there too. Like I said to Andy above...maybe next year! I wish you a stellar race. Your history there is one of the things that make it such a cool experience. I remember thinking that last year and we hadn't met yet.

    Jim - I love your confidence. Thanks! Like you did @ SJS, I'm going to pull that encouragement out when I need it! Thanks for being a part of my journey to this race. I look forward to many more runs & races together. Hang in there this weekend as I know your heart will be going up & down Pikes even though your body can't right now.

  6. Excited for you! That's a huge step. You are ready to make it happen! Good luck tomorrow...and the next day ;) Kind of odd to be wishing you multiple days of good luck in your race.

  7. Thanks Aaron! It was a great day & night out there. I can tell you it was equally odd to be running through multiple days. Not sure I'm cut out for it, but at least it's done. Good luck in your final training weeks for Run Rabbit Run.