Tuesday, November 22, 2011

HR Pancake Trail 20

Early last week, I decided to throw an invite out to some friends to see who would be game for a 20 mile run on my local trails.  I love the Highland Ranch trails, but when compared to those in the mountains and foothills, they're flat as a lumpy pancake.  I wasn't sure anyone would take me up on the offer, so to sweeten the deal, I offered a post-race non-lumpy pancake breakfast.

To my surprise, 15 people came out and provided me with one of the most enjoyable runs of the year.  I run these trails all year long, and on occasion get to head out with another person, but never a group of friends.  From Parker to Boulder to Evergreen to Roxborough, runners piled into my kitchen at 7am to warm up before heading back out into the 25 degree air.

And we're off!
The forecasted winds of 25-30 mph never materialized and the sun eventually poked it's head out of the clouds and gave us a near perfect day to run.  I led the group through all the twists and turns, zigs and zags, and eventually we made it back to my house.

Thanks for snapping this pic Chris!  I was hoping for an action shot on the trails.

This was my first time leading a group run like this and let's just say I paced it a bit too fast.  I was distracted while chatting and simply didn't think to look at my watch and slow it down.  Thankfully, no one got lost, everyone finished, and in the process worked up a good appetite for breakfast.

Left to Right:  Chris B, Troy H, Donnie H, Wyatt H, Aaron K, Jaime Y, Todd G, Scott J, Jim P, Scott B, Joe Z, Leila D.  (Out on the trail:  Patrick G & Brad)
When I walked into the house, the smell of coffee, pancakes, sausage, and syrup filled the air.  I've never smelled something so fragrant and desirable after a long run.  Tanya had been working away while we were out running and put out an awesome spread.  I think she flipped 70-80 pancakes!  Later that day she joined some friends for a well deserved ladies night out with dinner and a movie.

The 2011 running season is almost in the books, and Saturday's run was a great way to wind things down.  It has been another memorable year running with friends and building community.  I'm a lucky guy to have so many quality people in my life.


  1. Twas a perfect day. Thanks for putting out the call and setting a new standard for hosting early morning long runs. We'll see what Todd can pull off next. Tough act to follow, to be sure. Evergreen will have to be up next... Tell Tanya thanks again!

  2. Awesome sharing the spirit. Well done!

  3. Awesome idea and a great day! Hope you can make it for the lottery run, someone is bound to get in.

  4. That was a great idea and a great run. Awesome to share the trails with such a great group, and very cool to see you running so well! Thanks for the great grub, too!