Monday, December 5, 2011

It's better to be disappointed among friends

So was the slogan for the Hardrock Lottery Run last weekend.  About thirteen hearty runners gathered at Todd G's house to head into the foothills behind Ken Caryl Valley for a snowy trek through the trails.  After the run, we'd all stick around for some food & drink while the results of the lottery were being announced via Twitter.  

The odds of getting into Hardrock are minuscule.  They operate on a ticket system and I had just one lonely ticket out of over 1300.  I didn't expect to get in, but like the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it only takes a single golden ticket to win a tour of one of the most amazing places on earth.  With that slim bit of hope, I don't think anyone was immune to disappointment when the bad news dropped.  

Back to the pre-lottery run.  With over a foot of fresh powder in most places and temps hovering just above single digits, this was one challenging run!

Here's Todd leading us up...and up...and up!

Our feet & ankles disappeared often.

Patrick with his frosty feet on display.

Half the group waiting at the summit.  We had to start running again to stay warm.

I didn't get into Hardrock, but my knee sure whacked one on the descent of the run!
On the way down, I saw Rick Hessek slip and fall into a pillow of powder.  As I came upon that spot, I proceeded to do the same, but my variation to his acrobatic move was to catch a large rock with my knee.  Ouch.  The pain radiated, but I started running again and it subsided a bit.  Upon returning to Todd's house, I could feel it stiffening up and swelling.  It wasn't until I got home that I saw the half-egg protruding from my knee cap.

I don't think it's injured beyond a bad bruise.  I'm walking okay today, so I hope to test it a bit after another day of rest tomorrow.  Bandera is too close to risk not letting this small setback pass.

During the lottery, it wasn't all disappointment.  Brian Fisher got in, as did another guy named Gary from the Springs.  For the rest of us, we look to next year and facing the astronomical odds yet again.

Thanks Todd for organizing the run, opening your home, reading off the tweets, and giving us a place to laugh and sulk!


  1. Nice egg!

    Eh, Hardrock. Tempted to go down the day before and do a little preview of the course with all the folks that did not get in.

  2. That does sound tempting. What can I do to convince you to take a pass on Pikes this year and head up to Pb in August?

    I got an appt tomorrow with an ortho doc to get checked out. I don't want to find myself still wondering what is going on with it a week from now.

  3. Good luck with the ortho. Hope in fact that in the next 24 hours you conclude you don't need that appt.

    You heading to Fort Fun this weekend?

    I learned that if I am going to do 100s, I need to be a helluva lot more serious about all this. I am sure I can say I am serious, but I am not sure I can BE serious.

    Pikes, I can be a little less serious. Don't tell anyone that.

  4. Looks like the Fort is not gonna happen. I can't fathom running those trails with this bum knee.

    I agree about being serious, but the beauty of living where you do, you've got ample options to help you get ready without a major time/travel commitment. Having Collegiate Peaks, Quad Rock, Golden Gate D30, Silver Rush all within two hours of Denver, bagging a few of those as training runs is all you need to do for Leadville.

    Of course you'd have to toss in a run on the PPM course to keep the tradition alive.

  5. I subconsciously started curling and uncurling my toes while reading this strategy for keeping the dogs warm while standing around summit posts waiting for pictures and other runner. 2:15 and a bit less than 10 miles. Says something about conditions, eh? Hope the knee is feeling better.

  6. GZ is onto something there. Have some fun on a portion of the course (say Champman to Ouray) on a Friday and then enjoy the rest of the race weekend in the coolest part of the state.

  7. Hope you're OK Woody. I kept joking with Jaime that I was gunning to take him down since he was the only automatic entry into HR. Hope it's not too serious.

  8. Oh, man! That pic hurts just to look at! Good luck @ the ortho - hope it's just a flesh wound.

  9. Thanks all! The knee check out fine, so pain depending, I'll be back at it tomorrow morning.