Sunday, November 25, 2012

HR Turkey Day 5K

This year's Turkey Day 5K featured a couple firsts in our family.  Both Megan & Zoe ran it as their first 5K.  We've been on several family training runs in the last month or so and they were ready to roll when the race finally arrived.

We also had my parents visiting for the holiday and they agreed to walk it as their first ever race!  

Trying to stay warm during the 15 minute delay at the start.

The masses.  They had a record turn-out this year.

Oh yeah, Zoe's looking strong and in charge close to the halfway point.
During training, we talked about trying to maintain a 12 minute pace for the race.  We cracked that a few times in training, but still thought that would be a good goal.  We got separated during the first mile, so I ended up running with Zoe while Tanya & Megan were somewhere right behind us.

Here's how the miles played out (11:55, 10:45, 10:15).  Zoe was working it hard!

Guess who dumped a cup of cold water on her head at the aid station? 

Hustling to a 34:23 finish!  So much for the 36 minute goal!

The tired, but happy runners.

Without much time to spare, we wrapped back around and met up with my folks to join them crossing their first ever finish line.  They're very fast walkers!

I just learned my parents signed up for a Jingle Mingle 5K race in their weekend!  Oh boy, it looks like it's only just begun!

A bunch of turkeys ready for a well deserved dinner.


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    1. Funny you mention that b/c I remember when I was in elementary school my dad used to jog a few days a week with some guys at the local YMCA. One morning he had them all over for breakfast and our house was full of a bunch of strange sweaty dudes. Now 30 years later...the pancake run!

  2. That is so cool! It's one thing to go do the race with the family, but to do the training beforehand and work towards the goal is sweet. You can see the satisfaction all over your daughter's faces.

    1. I'll be honest that they weren't jumping out of their seats when I would mention it was time for a family training run. A little coaxing was needed at times. I told them I hope this was the first of 100 races we run together...and they just rolled their eyes.