Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pancake Run Recap

2012 Pancake Run Crew
Front - Andy J, Becca, Donnie, Patrick, Ryan, Leila, Jaime, Nick, Todd, Troy, Stephen
Back - Andy G, Jim
Off Camera taking his own pic - George
We couldn't have landed better weather for this year's pancake run.  It was a little cool and breezy when we started at 7am, but it wasn't long before layers were being shed as we moved closer to the forecasted 60 degree temps.

Around mile 9.5 we pulled into Daniels Park for an extended break and pre-pancake fuel of some TommyKnocker Maple Nut Brown and powdered donuts.  It must have hit the spot because we left DP in a tear saying goodbye to the easy pace of the first half.  Thankfully, that only lasted about 2-3 miles before we settled back into something more conversational!

Around mile 16, we were starting to smell pancakes, so Becca led us on home!
Once again, Tanya had a delicious spread waiting for us when we returned.  She made this brown sugar encrusted bacon treat that was an amazing complement to the pancakes.

Thanks to everyone that came out to let me drag you around my local trails.  We'll do it again next year.

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