Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Finish

About a month or two before the race, James emailed me a link to a YouTube video. The video was of some guy at a past San Diego RnR marathon that did a flying leap across the finish line. James stated that he wanted to come up with his own version of the flying leap. This shouldn't have surprised me as James is the one who introduced me to 14er leaps.

My initial reaction was...he’s crazy!!! He has no idea just how ridiculously heavy & in pain his legs are going to be. Yet, I was supportive and encouraged him to make that decision at mile 26...when he had only .2 miles left in the race.

As we approached the finish, he indicated the jump was on. Still dumbfounded...I figured that it would be a great way to celebrate my 8th marathon by trying the unthinkable with him.

With about 50 feet to go, we moved into a pocket with no other runners in front or behind us. We gathered a bit of steam right before the line and then launch into our synchronized leaps! Amazingly we didn’t land in a pile of crumpled flesh & bones. No we landed on our feet! It was over! I now look at this picture and have no idea how James was able to grab his legs in mid-air. Incredible. My legs don't bend after running 26 miles.

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