Monday, June 8, 2009

San Diego Rock 'n Roll Marathon Recap

On Sunday, 5/31, I ran the San Diego “Rock ‘n Roll” Marathon with James. It was his first one and let me tell you…he rocked it!

The day started by hopping in a mini-van with six other runners including James & his sister Wendi (who was also running her 1st). We were dropped off at the start at 5:00am by Wendi’s gracious husband, Jeff. Right at 6:30am, all 20,000 runners got it going and crossed the start line.

The weather was ideal. 60 degrees and very cloudy with a light breeze. The course hits many of the sights in downtown San Diego before cruising north and circling Mission Bay. There were a few hills, but the last 12-14 miles were relatively flat. The bands on the course were great. My favorite was one that was playing Dave Matthews songs. They sounded great!

James was our pace setter and we were hitting an 8 min/mile pace for the first 10 miles or so, before settling around an 8:30 pace. What was incredible was that James never slowed down from that pace. He was still hitting it at miles 25 & 26!

With a stellar run going, James shattered his goal of a 3:45 by crossing the finish line in 3:38:48. That is an incredible time for a 1st marathon! Oh yeah…check back tomorrow for more about the crossing of the finish line!

The picture above was taken at the 10 mile mark. At the top of the biggest hill, we had a big crew of cheering fans to greet us. Tanya & the girls, as well as, Steve, Jennifer, Katie & Andrew all got up early to cheer us on.


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