Thursday, September 30, 2010

2010 PPM Video - Trailer

Thought I'd share this trailer if anyone is interested in a closer look at the PPM. Look for yours truly around the 1:20 mark getting passed by a lady while camping out at an aid station. Well, she was the 2nd place female, so that's pretty cool.

I'm thinking of hitting up Deer Creek Canyon on Sunday afternoon (1:00ish) for a moderate 12-13 miles if anyone is interested in joining me.


  1. I'd be there if I wasn't in San Diego, see ya next week!

  2. Man, you gotta speed up those aid station stops!

    Wish I could join you on Sunday. Kiddo flag football game at 2 p.m.

  3. Oh my gosh...these things ALWAYS get me. I am totally going to do it next year. Even cooler that you were in it.

    Well played Woody. #1, for being in the video. #2, for being that guy that converted a 'basketball only' guy into a 1/2, marathoner, and now PPM potential finisher. You da man..and you suck at the same time. ;)

  4. Jackpot! That would be awesome if you ran the PPM next year. Despite what Matt Carpenter said, you probably won't fall and bust your teeth...probably. Ha! Yeah, I love those kind of they get me every time as well.
    -Your sucky friend!