Monday, September 13, 2010

Next up...Run Rabbit Run

Everything is shaping up for an excellent race. I feel rested and mentally ready. Ready for what? I don't know for sure. I thought after Silver Rush, I'd have a more elaborate plan for Steamboat. To be honest, I don't feel any better prepared other than knowing that I can complete the distance. After running Pikes without a watch and solely by feel, I'm probably going to take a similar approach, but keep the watch on this time.

There have been a lot of ultras in the last month or so and I've been truly inspired by reading accounts of people digging deep...very deep...and completing huge challenges or goals. These reports (and the wisdom they contain) are something I plan draw on when the chips are down.

My 5 year old, Zoe, told me yesterday that she thinks I should bunny hop all 50 miles. That would certainly make for a memorable, yet painful day. I think I'll stick to running & hiking and hopefully more on the running side.

This is my last major race of the year, so I want to make it count. That means taking plenty of time soaking in the scenery (so far the weather looks ideal). That also means running a smart race, yet leaving it all on the course. I'm excited to hang out with new friends and take in a long weekend in Steamboat. It doesn't get much better than this!


  1. It sure does not get any better than this!

  2. Here's to hopping that we all have a great time at the race and exceed any set goals by more than a hare. One thing's for sure...that first climb ain't up no bunny hill.

  3. Nice Jim! I love it. And yes, that ain't no bunny hill.

  4. Woody, I appreciate your perspective on running and life as stated in your profile. Good luck out there this weekend! It's going to be my first 50, I can't wait. See you out there! (although I probably won't know it when I do)

  5. Thanks Aaron, I enjoyed your site too. It looks like you're ready for this thing! I almost joined you guys up at Bergen Peak last week. I'll look for you Friday evening at the mtg or Saturday AM.