Monday, February 14, 2011

Buffalo Run

Daniels Park is tucked up high in between Highlands Ranch and Castle Pines.  It's not the kind of park with trails, but more of the drive up and check out the view of the entire front range while sitting at a picnic table type.  Most people think you have to head up I-70 when you get a hankering to see a herd of buffalo.  If they only knew that a bunch of the brown beasts call Daniels Park home, depending on where they live, could save themselves some driving.

A round trip run to DP nets me about a 7.75 mile run.  With slushy, sloppy trails from our 60 degree day, I opted to head up on Sunday for some smooth dirt road running.  No windbreaker, gloves, hat...or other winter paraphernalia was needed.  It was glorious to run free of the layers. 

 February in Colorado!

 There was a thin wire fence separating us.

One of favorite parts of a DP run.  Views of a majestic Pikes Peak.

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