Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mt. Falcon

Last weekend it was Deer Creek, and on Saturday it was Mt. Falcon.  Oh how I love hitting up these Front Range parks.  I'm sure after getting more regular in my visits, it won't be all that noteworthy.  For now it is.

I met up with Patrick, Jim, Todd, Brian, and Jaime for a loop that hits every trail (dubbed version 1 by Scott J.). While it was a little chilly in the parking lot, we were shedding layers quickly.  What a perfect day to be running in the mountains with friends.  The pace was quick, but sustainable.  I came away with 2:17 (moving time) for the 14 miles.

I was encouraged after this run because ever since Bandera, I've been nursing aches and pains pretty much all over.  My knee and hip have been the most problematic.  I was a little apprehensive about this run because Mt. Falcon can be so unforgiving.  While I felt my maladies a bit during the run, they were all kept in check and I'm none the worse today.  After a day of skiing at Winter Park, I got in another solid 10 late this afternoon to enjoy the last bit of our mild weather.

Now from almost 70 degrees on Friday, to a forecasted MINUS 17 degrees on Wednesday morning, I can't wait to see who the brave souls are that will run in this arctic blast!


  1. Great to have the chance to run again w/ you. Hope the healing continues... I'm up for 18-20 next weekend. Will be watching the weather.

  2. Good to hear the body is holding strong. Especially with you knocking out 10 after skiing. Keep me posted on next weekend.